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eCommerce is not just for major companies anymore. It’s not hard to setup your own store but if you don’t have networking skills it can seem intimidating. We’ll do all the setup work and you’ll have to do is create your products and collect the money!


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[info_box]I thought selling my products was going to be difficult. Wow, it’s not.[/info_box]

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The premier eCommerce sites are currently Magento and WooCommerce. We have experience with both and can easily get you up and running in no time at all.

[info_box]Magento, WooCommerce, they’re all great![/info_box]

With a Magento or WooCommerce solution you can use their URL or setup or your own address so customers now they are coming to you. We’ll do all the setup work and leave the selling to you!

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Every Content Management System has its own plugins that turn it into an eCommerce site. If you simply want to add eCommerce to an existing site it’s not difficult at all.

[info_box]One Plugin and away I went.[/info_box]

We’ll not only host your website but help setup the eCommerce portion so you can get on with the business of selling your product.

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When you create a website you want to do some customization. This isn’t always so easy if you don’t have website design skills. Our Web Design team can help brand your store so that customers know where they are and who they can trust.

[info_box]I spent way too much time trying to style my site, Acumen did it in hours.[/info_box]

Branding is an important factor in sales and as your store grows you want to make sure people don’t confuse you with competitors. Because we’re both an eCommerce Hosting solution and a Web Design solution we can help you meet all your goals. It’s not as hard as you think to make your site look great.

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It’s easy to think that if you create a website and fill it with content that people will instantly come and purchase your products and services. Sadly, this is not the case. There is a tremendous amount of competition in the web marketing industry and SEO. Our SEO team can analyze your existing website and come up with suggestions on how to draw potential customers in. They can also work with you to come up with a long-term plan to make sure that that new customers are coming in but also that they are staying, and buying.

[info_box]3 hours later and knew exactly what I needed to do.[/info_box]

We offer a Quick Analysis of your website for $375 and, only if you think that was helpful, we will continue to support your SEO efforts for $125 an hour. You get to choose how often we meet and for how long. There are no easy SEO solutions so don’t be fooled by companies promising the world.


Our colocation eCommerce hosting servers are always up which guarantees your site is available to your customers at all times. When you decide on your eCommerce host don’t just look for cheap hosting but examine the pricing scheme closely to make sure their aren’t hidden costs associated with anything other than the most basic service. Our eCommerce hosting prices are straight-forward and easy to understand. Call today for more information 314.333.3330

eCommerce Hosting


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[info_box]Acumen is our host and our go to team for everything eCommerce.[/info_box]

If you decided you want a eCommerce site then let us provide your hosting service. Our colocation servers are always on and our team is always ready to help you move to the next level. We are a full-service hosting company. If you want it we can do it.