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    Magento Hosting

    We know Magento from hosting to development

    With the demise of Magento Go we know that many people are wondering where to go so they can continue to sell their product. We have the answer. At CSx1 Hosting we can host your Magento based store for a reasonable price. We have two of our own stores and also host a number of clients who use the Magento platform.

    Your store is your livelihood and it's important not to lose touch with your customers even for a day or a week. We offer competitive hosting prices but we also have a team of developers who build and maintain Magento based eCommerce websites. We're happy to simply provide hosting for your Magento site but with that service you also get our expertise in other areas.

    Don't wait until the last minute. If you need hosting for your eCommerce site then call today and find out what we offer. Our pricing is simple and straightforward without dozens of additional costs for every service you add. Tell us what you need and we'll tell you what it will cost. Simple.

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    You need your products to be available at all times, day or night. Reliable hosting is the key to making that happen.

    Our colocation servers have fire-suppression, backup power, and all the modern necessities. Downtime is minimized and your Magento products are always available.

    Magento Experts

    If your hosting company doesn't know anything about Magento it's not necessarily a bad thing. If they do, well, that's nice.

    When you have a problem with your Magento store we can instantly help whereas a hosting company that doesn't have a development element will not be able to provide that service.

    Simple Pricing

    We don't believe in dozens of different add-on prices for every new feature you want on your Magento website. Our pricing scale is simple to understand and fair.

    Many hosting companies look like they give you a low price but that's before you start adding necessary features. Then the price balloons.

    We'll give you a realistic quote for the type of Magento site you want to host.

    Magento is a leader in eCommerce development and we are a full service hosting company. Our colocation servers are always up and running so your product is always available to visitors. We'll ensure your customers get speedy service at all hours of the day.


    We’re thrilled to provide you with reliable hosting at a reasonable price. At CSx1 we believe you need to focus your energies on marketing and selling your product. You don’t need to spend time and effort dealing with hosting issues.

    If you have a problem with what is happening we are responsive. Our team is ready to answer questions and work with you to get the results you deserve.

    Call today and get started now.

    Please see our Magento Development Page if you need help creating your eCommerce solution!

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