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    SharePoint Hosting Concepts

    The modern business environment is largely about effective communication both internal and external. When it comes to allowing your employees to share ideas the industry standard is Microsoft SharePoint. With Microsoft Sharepoint you’re web developers have the ability to create an intranet website the dramatically increase the ability of your employees to communicate. SharePoint services encompasses a fairly complex series of features run by the Microsoft SharePoint Central Administrator site.

    There are so many features in Microsoft SharePoint that setting up your SharePoint services to best take advantage of the tool is not an easy process. It’s also somewhat cumbersome to setup your first Microsoft SharePoint hosting site. Our SharePoint hosting team can take that part of the equation off your plate. Let us do all the SharePoint hosting hard work and you focus on designing your website so it best serves your employees.


    Our SharePoint hosting servers are colocation servers meaning they are always on and always available to your employees. In the modern business world where employees need to communicat with each other at any time during the day or night this always on technology is of vital importance.

    Time is important and our always on, colocation servers make the difference between making a deadline and disaster. When you sign-up for our Microsoft SharePoint hosting services we spell out exactly what the costs are going to be and we don’t add a charge for every new service. It’s straight-forward and simple.


    While we are happy to merely provide Microsoft SharePoint hosting services to your company that’s not all we do. Our Microsoft SharePoint experts will provide IT Support as well.

    SharePoint sites are extremely powerful but they can be a little touchy. We use SharePoint extensively here at Acumen and our technicians can help solve any issues that arise.


    Setting up a SharePoint site requires knowledge of a fairly large number of options available. We can help you decide which options are best for your business environment when we turn the SharePoint host on.

    We will help make certain that your SharePoint hosting environment meets your business standards. We’re not just a hosting company, we’re a business partner.


    Our SharePoint team has developed our SharePoint site and our instructors can make sure your employees are using SharePoint to its best advantage. We offer a variety of SharePoint classes.

    A quick look at how easy it is to navigate a SharePoint site can do wonders for your employee’s confidence. Let us help train them to use the tool properly. It’s good for business.

    SharePoint is a powerful tool and our SharePoint Hosting Servers allow you to use it to promote communication within your company. Let us help you!

    SharePoint Hosting

    When it comes to SharePoint we are a full service operations. Hosting, we do that. Training, IT Support, Site design? Yep all of that and more.

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