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    When it comes to your data you can’t take enough precautions. It is imperative in the modern business world to make sure your backup storage solution is both offsite and colocation. This means that if something happens to the building your data is safe. If something happens to one server, your data is safe on a different one. That’s the only solution.

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    Our prices are extremely straight-forward without hidden costs. $25 base fee. $.48 per additional GB above 25GB, $5 monthly software licensing fee.

    Before you make an offsite backup decision make sure you’ve completely analyzed the price. Many backup solutions have hidden costs depending on the amount of data you are storing and licensing fees. We welcome price comparisons.


    It’s a sad but not infrequent occurrence when someone thinks their backup solution is working but when disaster happens it turns out the backups were not running. Don’t let that happen to you. Our reports show exactly what is backed up and when it happened.

    Our web based management system makes reporting a snap. Find out what is backed up and when it was last done.


    Our IT Support team is always available to help with any problems. If your current backup solution isn’t working, call us today and we’ll figure out a better system.

    Sometimes you just need one file from a backup and our staff can help you make that happen. Whatever you need, big or small, we’re here to help.


    Multiple servers in a safe location with fire suppression, generators, and redundant internet access.

    When it comes to your vital business data, you can’t be too safe. Call today to find out about our affordable backup solutions. 314.333.3330

    Our backup service includes automated daily backups, a 30 day trial period, no initial setup fees, and our famous customer support.

    Virtual Servers

    When it comes to backup solutions you can’t be too safe. With reasonable prices, colocation out-of-state servers, and a friendly support staff we’re confident we can provide you with the best backup solution money can buy.

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