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    Spam mail is not just a nuisance. It’s a destroyer of productivity. It’s not just each piece of spam mail that arrives in an employee’s inbox, it’s the time it takes to deal with the spam mail, and the distraction from their other work caused by the arrival of the spam mail. This adds up to a major loss in productivity across the entire office.


    Spam is an all-encompassing phrase used to mean unsolicited email. This is email that comes from an unknown source which you did not ask to receive. The amount of spam is going up, not down.

    Our Barracuda filtering service ensures that the amount of spam you get is under control. It’s a difficult, never-ending issue and if you don’t want your IT support staff tied up dealing with spam mail and spam filtering; let us do the work for you.


    With spam mail comes viruses. The writers of spam mail laden with viruses are tricky. Even savvy employees can be fooled. One virus is all it takes to cost you tens of thousands of dollars in time and effort.

    Our Barracuda virus protection service comes with our spam filter tool to make sure your exposure to potentially devastating attack is limited. If you don’t have top-level virus protection then you are risking your entire business.

    White List

    Along with protecting you from spam mail we can tell our spam filters to allow messages from certain individuals and network domains to always pass through the system. This is called White Listing and it’s just as important as spam filtering.

    Not getting an important message is a major concern. With so much spam out there it’s easy to accidently block an email that must get through the system.

    Black List

    Once we’ve identified a persistent spam mail sender we can blacklist them so that no message ever gets through to you again. This can extend to network domains and even countries that are known as major spammers.

    It’s not always easy to stop spammers. It takes constant vigilance and that takes time.

    Spam filtering is a constant and growing problem for all businesses. The amount of unwanted spam mail that comes through your server continues to increase and the amount of time needed to stem the flow takes away from other vital IT support jobs. Our team can lift the burden completely. Focus on your core business and let us worry about your spam mail.

    Spam Filtering

    If we can help reduce the amount of spam mail your employees get then we help your productivity. If you think it’s best to focus on your core business practices and not spend so much time on peripheral issues, contact us today. We’re here to help. 314.333.3330

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