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    WordPress Hosting and You

    WordPress is currently the most popular CMS website building tool available. It’s easy to use, has tons of WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and WordPress templates. Users can build pages and make posts with little or no website development experience. What’s not to like?

    Easy to update
    Users create pages
    Simple interface
    Lots of Plugins
    Tons of themes
    Friendly community

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    Getting your WordPress website up and running seems like it’s going to be a simple process but there is a little more to it than you might imagine. The database connection and all the behind the scenes work might dissuade you from creating a WordPress website. You’re not a web developer and don’t want to spend time with all that setup nonsense. You just want to make web pages.

    Our WordPress hosting experts are happy to do all the background work so you can simply get to work making the best content possible for your WordPress website. Let us do the grunt work and you can focus on your website.


    While we are happy to provide WordPress hosting for your website we also have a team of developers available to help you understand how to best use WordPress and develop your website. One nice thing about our services is that even if you think you only want hosting at first we can expand our role to suit your growing needs.

    Start simple and then after you’re comfortable, come to us and we can show you how to expand your WordPress site with plugins, theme customization, and template updates. It’s all possible.


    In addition to WordPress hosting and WordPress development we also offer WordPress training. For most people this is a simple half-day class that familiarizes them with the WordPress interface. After this training you’ll be able to do so much more with your WordPress website. We also offer more in-depth WordPress training for students looking to learn more about templates, coding, and plugins.

    It’s great to have a site but what you don’t know can hurt you. Find out how to use WordPress to its fullest capabilities or just learn a little more. We’re here to help.


    You’ve got a WordPress website, great! You’re telling the world all the important things you have to share, wonderful! No one is coming to your site, boo. That’s what SEO is all about and our experts can help you optimize your WordPress site for search engine results. We offer a Quick Analysis of your site for only $375 and ongoing SEO consulting at $125 an hour. Start with the Quick Analysis and if you think it can help, then we’ll go from there.

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    When it comes to website hosting we’re a full-service company with high-speed colocation servers. What that means is that if one of our servers goes down there is another one in a different location ready to take on the load. This ensures your WordPress hosting server is always up and your WordPress website is always available to the public.

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    WordPress hosting is an important part of your website. If you decided to go with the cheap hosting then you might find you get what you paid for. We offer competitive prices coupled with great service. Call today!

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