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    POP/SMTP Hosting Solutions

    Sometimes the simple answer is all you need. With our POP/SMTP hosting, you can get the email you need without any extra baggage. This affordable service provides a reliable mail server that will always be available when you need it.


    Email is your way to stay connected both internally and externally. If you lose your email you lose the ability to communicate effectively. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

    With a POP/SMAP hosted server from us, you will be able to easily manage email accounts for all of your workers. These servers are always up, so you will never need to worry about receiving your mail. Having the server will allow you to spend less time struggling with running a mail server yourself.


    Spam is a big problem that is getting bigger. Our hosting servers address the problem from the beginning. Less spam means more productivity.

    Shifting through spam email message wastes valuable productivity. We alleviate this headache by providing spam filtering service. Messages that once would have wasted your time are now no longer a hindrance. Any messages can be whitelisted to be delivered and anything unwanted can be blacklisted.


    A single virus can cost millions of dollars in cleanup and lost productivity. Let our servers be your first line of defense.

    We provide protection from dangerous viruses on our mail servers. The security will prevent these viruses from ever reaching a user. Safety is important to business and can be found in our email hosting service.


    Our colocation servers keep your backups safe. If one fails the data is somewhere else. If you’re not doing backups … call right now!

    The unexpected can strike at any time. That is why it is important to have mail stored in a reliable place. Our hosting solution will provide a secure location where all your emails are ready to be accessed.

    Email is one of the most important tools used by this business world. Make sure your email service is cutting-edge; we can make it happen.

    POP SMTP Email

    If you are in need of an email server, contact us and we can set you up for an affordable price.

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