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    Remote Desktop Hosting

    Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server allows a user to access applications and data on a remote computer over a network, using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).


    The Remote Desktop Gateway service component can tunnel the Remote Desktop Protocol session using a HTTPS channel.

    Increase security of Remote Desktop Services by encapsulating the session with Transport Layer Security


    Remote Desktop Gateway enables users to connect to virtual desktops, Remote-App programs, and session-based desktops over a private network or the Internet.

    Remote Desktop Virtualization Host enables users to connect to virtual desktops by using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection.


    Remote Desktop Connection is the client application for Remote Desktop Services. It allows a user to remotely log in to a networked computer running the terminal services server.

    Supports rendering the UI in full 24-bit color, as well as resource redirection for printers, COM ports, disk drives, mice and keyboards.


    Windows Desktop Sharing can host the remote session in regards to the currently logged in user without creating a new session, and make the Desktop, or a subset of it, available

    The functionality is only provided via a public API, which can be used by any application to provide screen sharing functionality.

    The client can either be a full-fledged computer, running any operating system as long as the terminal services protocol is supported, or a barebones machine powerful enough to support the protocol.

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