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Our technicians are a phone call away. As a small business based in the United States our employees are available to you real-time. We answer the phone and fix problems immediately.

[info_box]One call, one fix. That’s always nice.[/info_box]

[tab label=”Monitor”]

We monitor our servers with the latest software tools and alerts go out the instant something is wrong.

[info_box]They only told me later that it was broken. I never knew.[/info_box]

Your business cannot stand prolonged outages. Our monitoring service make sure it never happens. Time is money.

[tab label=”24-Hour”]

Our technicians answer emergency calls twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it.

[info_box]For most businesses Sunday isn’t important. For us, it is.[/info_box]

We’re always available to fix any problem that arises in our hosting environment. Your business is our business.

[tab label=”Colocation”]

We have colocation servers to ensure that if one server goes down, the other immediately picks up the slack.

[info_box]Server down, not a problem.[/info_box]

On the rare times when one of our colocation servers goes down the other ones pick up the slack. No down time, that’s very good.

[tab label=”Fast”]

Our servers can be scaled to your needs. If you need speed then we can make it fast but that costs more. If you speed isn’t as important we can do that as well.

[info_box]I don’t need the best, fastest solution. I need the one that does the job at the right price.[/info_box]

Speed is important when you run a certain kind of business and we can make sure your data gets to you as quickly as possible.


Our technical support team is available to make sure your servers are working at peak efficiency all the time. If there’s a problem we usually know about it before you even realize there’s an issue. If you do have a problem we’re available twenty-four hours a day to look into and solve any issues.

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[info_box] Reliable hosting and fast technical support. That’s what works.[/info_box]

When it comes to your servers down time equals money lost. Every minute your servers are down is costing your employees productivity. Our colocation servers are always working but when there is a problem our technical support team will fix it immediately.