Managed Hosting in our Secure Datacenter

Your data is your business. We understand the importance of colocation, managed hosting, and we are a secure hosting provider. Our data center design and data center management concepts are all about security and access.

You need your data center to be available, secure, and trouble-free. Our colocation data center is all of that and more. Our technicians are always available. Our colocation data centers are scalable for any sized business.

99.99% Uptime

When you don’t have access to your data your business suffers. We have multiple colocation data centers in the St. Louis region and elsewhere ensuring that if something goes wrong you will still have access to your data. Our managed hosting environment is safe, secure, and always on.

Every hour you don’t have access to your data damages your business process. Find out how our colocation philosophy helps make sure you are always up and always doing business.

High Performance

Our managed hosting servers are capable of super-high performance depending on your business needs. Our colocation services are extremely scalable and we offer solutions to a variety of different business strategies.

It’s one thing to have your data center up and running, it’s another to have it running at the speed you need for your business operations. Our data centers allow for high-performance data throughput so that your employees always have the information they need when they need it.

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    About CSX1

    Cloud Services x1 is operated by Acumen Consulting, a full-service information technology solutions provider serving clients since 1994 in the St. Louis community, throughout the United States, and internationally. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, a Citrix Service Provider Partner and a VMware Professional Partner. For more information on our company and other services we offer, please visit our corporate site:
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