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    Web Hosting – CMS or custom built websites; you build it – we’ll host it.

    Web Hosting Basics

    While we are happy to provide website development and website building training to you or your company; we can also just provide website hosting. Our dedicated, colocation servers are always up and always serving your customers. We have servers in multiple locations with plenty of capacity to handle the website hosting load. We’re a big enough hosting company to scale as your business grows and small enough to answer the phone and personally take care of any problems.

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    Website designers largely use CMS’s like WordPress, DNN, Joomla, and Drupal. These CMS websites require specialized knowledge to setup the website hosting service. We’re currently providing website hosting for many CMS websites and can you setup and ready to go in no time.

    If you’re ready to build your CMS website we’re ready to help. Call today and you’ll be up and running by … today.


    While CMS’s are the main way people are building websites there is no reason you can’t build the old-fashioned way with HTML, CSS, and all the rest of the alphabet soup. It doesn’t matter to us how you build your website, we’ll provide website hosting for you.

    Our website hosting servers are always and we provide colocation so that if anything were to happen to one of our servers it won’t disrupt your service. When it comes to hosting companies, Acumen stands out.

    Our website hosting company will provide you with reliable web hosting. That’s the bottom line. We’re a colocation website hosting company and your website will always be available to your customers. We understand.

    Website Hosting

    Your website hosting company has to be both reliable and fit into your budget limits. Our colocation servers are always up and always on and our pricing is competitive. We don’t charge for every added feature but give you a simple to understand monthly payment up front. Call us today to find out more. You won’t be sorry.

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